sabato 29 novembre 2014

Southern Smoke and the Motherlode

Enrico on Snooker 5.13a (7c+) ©Stefano Ghisolfi
While Enrico and Lorenzo continued to improving on their project Ultraperm and No Redemption, Stefano managed to send his project Southern Smoke Direct 5.14d (9a) in just few tries! The route starts with a hard boulder problem, V13/V14 (8B/+) on the guidebook but maybe easier for Stefano, and after this you have to climb all Southern Smoke 5.14c (8c/+) with a small rest between. Stefano tried it once on tuesday and on wednesday figured out the beta and sent it very fast, once he passed the first boulder he was able to reach the anchor. The next days we moved to Motherlode crag, and impressive cave with very hard and pump routes. The temperature became very cold, it was very hard to climb, the first morning was snowing! But we are motivated and after a good warm up Enrico climbed Snooker 5.13a (7c+) and Bohica 5.13b on his second go, and Stefano climbed Omaha Beach 5.14a (8b+) onsight and Thanatopsis 5.14b (8c) on his second go, very close from flashing it.

Stefano on Omaha Beach 5.14a (8b+) onsight  ©Andrea Cossu

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