mercoledì 19 novembre 2014


Stefano Ghisolfi
We are ready! Our trip to Red River Gorge is going to start, next sunday we depart from Rome to Lexington (Kentucky) and then, for 3 weeks, we are going to climb every route of every crag, even if the temperature will be freezing!
Enrico Veronese
Let's present ourselves: we are Stefano, Enrico and Lorenzo, 3 Italian climbers and Andrea, our official photographer and videomaker that will follow us and our climbs during the trip. Our goal will be to climb all the routes in Red River Gorge and film everything to make great videos and take great pictures.
Lorenzo Luck
The weather won't be on our side, temperature will be very cool, but we will warm the crags with our performances, we are not afraid about the glacial cold! Luckily we are supported by Vertics, Camp, E9 and HTC Los Angeles, everything is arranged now, let's begin this journey!

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