giovedì 4 dicembre 2014

Cold Days

Stefano on Thug Life 5.13c on sight
One week passed and the cold arrived in Red River Gorge. Temperature is freezing but is possible to climb anyway. We decide to climb at one of the most steep crag, Drive By crag, where Stefano onsighted Thug Life 5.13d (8b) and Enrico finally climbed Kaleidoscope 5.13c (8a+). The next day we went to
 Bob Marley and focus on our firsts project. Yesterday was a very productive day, Lorenzo flashed Reticent 5.12d and Enrico redpointed the super classical slab No Redemption 5.13b with surprise for himself. Stefano tried "50 words for pump" 5.14b/c but he didn't succeed in his 3 tries (last one in the night with from light). Today the rain forced us to rest, next days we will try to climb in new sector for us, we'd like to go to Purgatory first, than The Dark Side and The Golden coast. This cold days don't help us to climb, the fingers are always too cold and is impossible to warm up, but we will climb hard anyway!
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